Saturday, December 15, 2007

Motion Capture

hey all, recently i have been exerimenting with motion capture data, and researching various systems including the camera less setup here
also i have been testing the new weights/rigging tools like heat and dual quanternions ( )

in short the results are quite good, a few bone adjustments and adding a few helper bones it worked first go
results are here

well anyway i hope to use such technology in this film, if i ever get the money to do it :)

ok see Ya's

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Art Show

hey all i have great news :), one of my art works is in an art show in, wait for it, Kingsport, Tennesee :), and apparently every loved my work , even made blendernation

well you can find more info here
and a local news story here

well see ya's

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

weights stage of rigg rev5 Finished!!!

sorry for the delays but working on this other film (latest cut online here) and various other things i haven't worked on this, anyway i have finally finished the weights stage of subzero so now i can pose him around like an action figure :), now i just need to add controls , rigg the face and some corrective shapes :)

well see ya's

Monday, August 20, 2007

new film

Hi all, recently i said i was working on another project and i would eventually tell you about it, well i haven't finished the storyboards yet but i have made one of the main characters and most of the stage, this project will also serve as a testing ground for the production setup i have planned to the MK-fan flick and any others that i will work on, the title of this new project is called "loner", i will publish the screenplay once i have finished it, well i hope you like the test image, btw the lighting will not be the final lighting, that will be done after the animation, as i am using the same production pipeline as the Plumi guys, and lighing will be in a seperate file and will be on a per-shot basis. also my entire production pipeline is completely Linux based, windows will not be used for any part of my blender productions, animations and stills, and im very happy with this setup, i can go on for hours but i wont ;)

well anyway see ya's later

Friday, August 03, 2007

NEW Rigg, Once again

Yes thats right Sub-Zero has a new rigg yet again, using the new rigging tools developed by brecht i was able to get further in 2 hours then i did in 2 months :) thats right is hands are deforming nicely still need some corrective shapes. forearm and elbow working nicely and above all the shoulder's are rigged!!! with only 3 bones (2 deforming), currently i only have deforming bones, as I'm taking a slightly different approach, get deformations working nicely first then add the controls later :)

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

New Web Site Finished

Hey all, just making a post to say that my new website is finished, Some of my animations are there also on the site there is a RSS feed of this blog, My Ohloh stats and blender's Ohloh stats, and my email address. also when i make a new work that i like, it will be posted on the front page.

See ya's later

Incase you don't know its at

Friday, July 13, 2007

"The Essential Blender" Blender's new book

hi all, Recently the blender Foundation released a new book aimed at beginners of both 3d and blender.
And i must say it is a very good book. now you ask why am i telling you this? Well I helped write it (Technical Editor), and because i helped I got 2 free copies, one with a thank you note by Mr Ton Roosendaal (CEO of the blender foundation and the newly established Blender Institute and is the lead developer/inventor of blender).
Also thought you guys would like to know, that this book will be used in class rooms as a text book to teach students how to use blender. i don't know about you but i think its very kewl :)

by it here

See Ya's

btw, i will show you my current film once i have finished the story boards and rewritten the screenplay :)